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Hi this is Jamie , join me here .


The follow up album is almost here!

For all those who have encouraged and believed in me - my follow-up album is here! Full of songs that have meaning for me, and I hope you, the Voice of The Valleys is back! Better than ever and sung from the heart.

Thank you for your support which means so much.

Jamie x

Jamie first came to the attention of the public in May 2009 when he took part in Britains Got Talent. Everyone who watched his audition will not easily forget his stunning rendition of "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables. It was a defining moment for Jamie, who overcame his stage nerves to finally perform in public.

This was the beginning of Jamie beginning to live his dream to sing and perform the songs he loved.

It was also the beginning of Jamie learning about the production of music at recording studios , and in 2011, Jamie released his stunning debut album, aptly titled "Bring Him Home", an eclectic mix of songs that inspired him to 'make the leap' and audition for BGT.


Jamie remains the down-to-earth, private person he always was, but continues to perform whenever he can. He has also felt privileged to be able to use his singing to support several charities close to his heart, by performing at all sorts of events around the UK. 

As a consequence of his experiences he went on to raise funds through sponsorship, by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and by cycling The Canadian Rockies!

If you like his singing, please join Jamie's mailing list and follow him by clicking the links below. As long as people enjoy his voice, Jamie wants to continue doing what he loves - singing his heart out.

link to Jamie Pugh Facebook page
Link to Jamie Pugh Twitter feed

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