hope you are still singing - you do have an amazing voice so keep going

sally johnson

Hey were are you! I hope you have not stopped singing. I just found you and Love you. You sing beautifully

Tatjana Parrish

Hey Jamie havent heard anything from you or how you are faring in the news ... Hope u found what makes you happy any news what you are doing ???

Michelle V

Jamie, It's hard to top the many comments of support and commendation that appreciative fans from around the world have expressed here, but I would like to add my voice to the large number who have been deeply affected by your singing. It's simply unforgettable. I have listened and watched your original BGT audition numerous times and it's incredible, as is the more recent extended version of "Bring Him Home". What a gift you have. Never, never stop singing as it's clearly deep within your soul! Thank you for walking out on that stage and showing the world how much one man's passion can inspire all of us.


Jaime you did honor to bring him home. I've watched your performance probably 30 times. It gives me hope in many ways. I like you for what you have done sir! God has blessed you in so many ways. Take care my friend

Pratibha Panghal

Dear Jamie Just heard your audition for the first time .Cried all through ! You are an angel .God bless ! From India !

Joseph Pugh

Hi Jamie, I have tons of good materiel you need to listen to and record.Some of my tunes are on and, or you can google joseph pugh/wellford

Karen kern

I remember watching you when you made your debut on Britains Got Talent. It was one of the most moving songs I have heard and I wish you all the best in your music career. As I have always told my children- follow your dreams! I am so glad that you are following yours! I bought your album on ITunes and look forward on my to come! USA iowa fan

Robin Rycroft

Jamie where can we get your album and please let us know if and where you are performing


Sorry about any spelling mistakes on previous as writing to small yo check. Your song that inspired me was bring him home Amazing thanks cavan

Cavan Sullivan

Jamie I am holding a black tie event iat Copthorne cardiff on 9th October. For the last seven years my family and I have ben helping children in Sri Lanka since the Tsunami. We have built and donated a house put a water mains into a village and then into 87 houses. We have built an extension on a school put electricity and water into many schools and this year my daughter presented our 3000th pair of shoes to school children. We have held five very successful black tie events raising between £50000 and £8000 pn the night. As from this year we are now stepping back on our help in Sri Lanka and have a new ambition to raise £100,000 for Marie curie. We have no running costs whatsoever and this is why we have been able to carry out so much work. All running costs come from my company welsh window systems. We have tremendous support are our gala balls and would love to raise £10000 plus at this years event. Would you be interested in singing for us. We cant pay for your services but can put you up at the Copthorne with a friend. I do expect you are asked all the time for this and understand if you cannot provide a free service. Many thanks cavan a Sullivan 07877 836798


Jamie, I am from the USA and just heard you sing and I just love your album!!! Please keep singing and let me know if you put out another album. You have an incredible voice!!! Ginger

Paul Gilman

Hi Jamie i watched the 1st night you were on tv and your audition was superb...Well here we are in 2015 and i am sat in my lorry looking back at previous episodes and i watched yours again sounds better than the 1stvte i heard it ,i have also read your story and i put my hand out to you for a big hand shake it moved me so much and to think you were carrying that around with you all the time you are a braver and stronger man than me ....i would just like to say GOOD LUCK to you and your family for the future and hopefully 1 day we will meeet ...and GOOD LUCK with your album and future music and what ever else you choose to do ....thanks Paul Gilman


Hi Jamie, Your voice is amazing but your affiliation with the National Autism Society is very impressive. My niece, Phillipa had Asperger's and was diabetic. She passed away a year ago in February. All of her mates have kept her memory alive by establishing "PhillieStock". It just passed last weekend. Her facebook page is Philly O Appreciation Group. All proceeds are divided between the National Autistic Society and the Diabetes Association in England. I live in the United States and just wanted to thank you for your support with the Autistic Society. Maybe next year you can join forces with Philly's mates at PhillyStock.

Louise Daoust

Bonjour Jamie, Came across youre first performance you tube video !! Its just so beautiful, youre voice is so touching, deep, strong, soft, delicate, a warm beautiful voice.... I bought youre album, hope you will do more, singing is really very good for you, and for everyone that listen to you... Pleasure, fun, happiness is singing, HAVE FUN JAMIE!! XX From Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Just have fun!


Jamie where are you The world need you big talent. Please put some of your performances on You Tube so that fans in the BRAZIL can see them Best wishes from from Olinda, Brazil


Hi, Jamie I have just bought your album after looking for les mis songs on u tube I came across your b g t audition and can I say is probably the first time I ever cried listening to someone singing it was wonderful ,so I looked on I tunes for you and found your album and single Bring him home ,thank you so much for giving me a chance to hear your singing it brings me so much pleasure I hope you have the recognition you deserve I wish you and your family all the very best .

Robert Pena III

Jamie, thank you for a stunning performance online. I've FINALLY over come my challenges and ready to audition. I feel I have something to contribute to the music industry, and the world. Thank you for the inspiration. Your friend, Robert Pena III Singer Arizona, USA

Tinne Sterckx

Hi Jamie, I can't tell you how much I love to hear you sing... Couldn't find your music here in Belgium but I keep on searching. I know you are a wonderful person.. keep on singing. With love, Tinne


Jamie I just love your voice and hope that you soon will have a new c d out xxx


Jamie - I just heard your performance of Bring Him Home and think you are magnificent! Just so enjoyable to listen to and I find your performance quite moving. PLEASE - MORE! Come to the US and sing for us too! thank you


Jamie, my husband thought your version of Bring Him Home was the best he'd ever heard. He very sadly passed away yesterday and I was just wondering if you are still gigging and if you could contact me regarding a possible booking? Thank you x


Dear Sir, just discovered your voice on 11/1/14. So glad you overcame your fears, and shared with the world your amazing God given voice. I pray that doors will continue to open, and opportunities for you to sing. God bless!!!!

jose perez

Felicitaciones Corrección en el primer mensaje No es la palabra ESTAFA, es: quisiera un CD de su musica

jose perez

Congratulation Felicitacione Muchas Felicitaciones reciba Ud de un Medico Venezolano Quisiera un CD con su musica Felicitacione y Bendiciones a Ud ,Su Esposa y sus Hijos Nosotros estamos en Venezuela y desde aqui lo felicitamos. Ojala pudieramos viajar a conocerlo(s) Abrazos y sigue adelante


You should be on Broadway!!! Get yourself an agent, man!!! Please DO NOT waste the beautiful talent God has given you! Share it with the world!!!

Robyn Allom

Hi Jamie. Greetings from Australia! I just want you to know that people far and wide love your singing and wish you huge success.


Hi Jamie,im 54 years of age with two sons and have listened to thousands of tracks including many songs to do with love,loss and affairs of the heart. When i saw your audition on BGT you moved me to tears for the 1st time in 21 years. I have heard this sung by many types of artist including all the west end big shots! When you hit the lyric " let him rest heaven blessed" you roll the L when you say "let" and you go very deep when you say "blessed" and the sound is superb and cannot be rivalled even by john owen jones or ramin kamirloo,oesent sound as quite as good on the CD but i guess the studio guys took it out! Good luck in the future - Chris

Enrique Tejeda

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 Mr. Pugh, you are so gifted and talented. I wish all the best for you and your family, Sir. May God shine down upon you.


Great voice.Greetings from Tucumán, Argentina.


Jamie, your story & voice is incredible. You're an inspiration and I hope, with more hope than I know, that you're still performing and sharing your incredible talent with the world.


Jamie, your story & voice is incredible. You're an inspiration and I hope, with more hope than I know, that you're still performing and sharing your incredible talent with the world.

Timmy Kearney

Hi Jamie, Just want to let you know that you did an awesome job with"Bring him Home".Are you still performing,because with a voice like yours,you must.


Your performance on BGT was one ingrained into my brain because I watched it every now and then for some years. Like today. And I wanted to know what happened to you, if luck was on your side and you startet a carrier or if you'd still work 24/7. I stumbled upon the tragic story of your late wife. And I just wanted to say, that I'm totally with you! My -then- 14 year old son was diagnosed with leukemia in september 2012 - so I know a little bit about what you've been through. Fortunately Jakob got a stemmcell transplant and is - since april 2013 - in remission. I know what you've been through. And then for you to stand there on this stage and sing this particular song... absolutly amazing. You're my hero!! Very well done

Tim Mythen

Hi Jamie. The web site does not give much detail, are you still performing?


Greetings from Canada Jamie I admire not only your voice but your guts to get out there and preform on BGT. I used to have a decent voice but never the guts to do anything with it. I hope uou are doing well and I hope your talent has brought you joy happiness and security.

Heidi Kreizinger

Hey Jamie = I cannot tell you how much I was touched by your performance on BGT. I like to pick music on the computer and then "try" to paint and that was when I first came across your Bring Him Home for BGT. First, I would have given Piers a boot for putting you down for delivering pizza how many years ago. You have a great voice and you are so blessed to have that talent. Take care and hope to see more music from you. Oh your video of the song with the soldier was so appropriate for today's world. Good luck with ya - Heidi


I just came across your BGT performance. Absolutely incredible and so inspiring! Many people struggle with self confidence and seeing performances such as yours gives hope to achieve all that we can dream of. Thanks for that! Waheed Parker Cape Town, South Africa

Carol Nelson

Jamie, I just ran across your addition on Britain's got talent on youtube. I am so glad I did!! You so impressed me because you sang with such passion and you have an amazing voice!! I am hoping I can buy your CD here in the United States. I belong to a choir and I told my director about you. You name is getting around. All the best to you and PLEASE continue to make albums!!!

Ana Lucrecia Heilmann

Hello Jamie, thank you very much, it was a wonderful gift for me today to listen to your song. God bless you and bless your family. Lucrecia.

Daryl Gittins

Hi Jamie, Your music has been the most moving sound I have ever heard and needed, as a benefit for the two tumours that I am fighting. I am fully aware of the loss of your wife, as I have lost my brother to a brain tumour too. But one thing that I have learnt is to stand tall with pride and courage, which is why I went ahead with being on BBC 2's keeping Britain Alive April 9th this year to show nothing else other than a positive attitude to help so many others. Again your music quality has been beyond all words Daryl's story

Sandra Fillmer

I have been very moved since I found your try outs on BGT. I wish I could find the site to buy your CDs. I have only a few favorite artists and I would love to own a few of your albums. My favorites are your songs of Les Miserables and Amazing Grace. Please let me know how to obtain your cds.


Hi Jamie, just saw your performance as posted on Fantastic. I write to you from Australia because I have something you might like to try for performance anxiety. It is a brand new approach using voice coaching techniques to generate a calm performance ready state matched with a scent to retrieve that state at will. Its called Stage Ready. The website is Please let me know if you would like to try it and we will send you the pack for free. Email me and I will get it in motion for you. Best of luck, Rob.


Voice full of soul - 7/sep/2013


God Lives in You. What a great voice. God Bless U.


Hey, Jamie. What a wonderful blessing you've been given. I pray you not allow yourself to become arrogant and self-possessed and fail to give God His righteous due for your talents. God bless...

Ann Noble

Hi Jamie, I've lived most of my life in Canada but I was born in Llandudno, N. Wales. I was very moved by your performmances on GBGT and impressed by your reticence to share your personal tragedy. Discovered your website in my search to see "what you were doing now". You were so faithful in staying in touch via your blog. Since your last post was in Dec 2012, I felt concerned, particularly since you had planned a climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro in January of this year and it is now August. I am hoping you are safe and well. I am praying for you and your family. Bless you, Ann


Just me again...apparently I got the letters below this wrong...grrr May I suggest you keep your knees bent so all your energy can flow freely throughout your entire body; also do not just stand still with hands clasped. Let your entire body get into whatever you're singing. It is not fair to keep parts of yourself out of your voice; and you might just find your anxiety diminish a bit. Wishing you (and your family) the best...


Just saw your initial performance on GBGT and the courage you demonstrated in getting past your fear and letting that part of you expose his beautiful contribution to your voice. Thank you for such an inspiring rendition of a beautiful song.


You are a great talent Jamie....don't ever give up...seize the wishes from a Taff in Spain...

John Hargrave

You're very inspiring Jamie Well done mate.


Jamie u have a beautiful voice and when I hear you sing it brings joyful tears to my eyes...


Jamie....just saw you for the first time on You Tube and absolutely love your voice! What an inspirational story! I'm so happy you've succeeded to reach your "Impossible Dream". xx


I just learn how to text (even I'n my age) and make some mistakes, notice typed the wrong year (2014) dah, still 2013!! Lol


Hello Jamie, I've listen to your songs many times and you are truly my 2nd best singer to Elvis. I'm a compasionate person that appreciate beautiful songs and your voice is enlighting and beautiful. Don't give up. You are amazlingly gifted. Believe in yourself. From the land of the midnight sun and the northern lights, akas the northern aurora borealis, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. God bless you & your family. Denise , July 14', 2014


I saw you sing on BGT and I am so glad to see you are still singing and even have an album. You are an inspiration to people, being scared but still reaching for your dream.

Brian Ashby

Jamie we love you voice, your talent will take you to where 'YOU' want to go in life. If your available in July 2015 we'd love you to sing at our wedding. Xxx Paid of course. Brian & Kelly


Thank you Jamie! Thank you for your voice and your courage. I hope, one day I can visit you with my daughter and that you teach her how to face fear and sing a song like this. Regards from Germany Chris


I would like to say that I found your voice so enchanting and even when watching it again on Youtube, it still enthralls me to listen to you. When are going to do some touring? Or, as per Kate Bush (she never tours) are you just going to release another album?

Steve Douglas

Every so often I watch Jamie's Britain's Got talent audition and it still blows me away. I just now discovered his site because for some reason I was wondering what ever became of Jamie. I have to say I am overjoyed to hear him sing again and to see that he has managed to deal with the stage-fright and nerves. I am dearly hoping he comes to Ontario, Canada to perform because I would really like to see him live. Talent always comes through no matter how long it takes to overcome certain obstacles!


LED High Bay Lights


Your voice has a lyrical almost spiritual basis to it. So moving, I cried at the Bring Him Home song.

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HI Jamie. Just discovered your BGT audition on youtube and as a fellow singer was absolutely moved to tears by the exquisite beauty of your performance. May you have many very happy and successful years sharing your fabulous talent with the world. Blessings, Yvonne

Andrea Unterwieser

Guten Abend, Jamie, I´m writing from Austria...I "discovered" you on youtube and bought your album today. Just want to say: "Go on..never give up..believe in`ve got a gift, a voice very expressive in a silent way , there`s something special in it, touching and relaxing people...and me....good luck and all the best...Andrea


Hi Jamie...i'm from indonesia You have amazing voice.. I saw you only from youtube clip... And it's really inspiring... Me and my family love to see the cip... Hope your live will be complete as you said on BGT 2009

Michael Stachowiak

Mr. Pugh I just want to say thank you. You have touched my heart profoundly. May you find peace.


Hi Jamie. I don't know if you read these things, but I want you to know how much I admire your courage. Before my accident, I was a psychiatrist with a special interest in social anxiety disorder (severe shyness). The problem with social anxiety disorder is the fear of being judged-and you show such courage (I have the same problem and only someone who has this can understand just how much courage it took for you to perform). I would be remiss if I did not relate to you that medication can help tremendously-and the medications are very safe and tolerable. By the way, social anxiety disorder is inherited- we're born with it-and you will almost always have a close relative who suffers from the same thing. I hope you are well-but I know the shyness thing can be absolute torture. By the way, in twenty years of practice, every single person I treated with this problem had a deeply caring heart. You are free to email me-I want no publicity and honestly abhor it-just want to help a good person live life to the fullest-and feel complete at all times...


Jamie, I just watched you on a youtube clip and decided to type into google "where is Jamie Pugh now". I am so pleased it brought me to this site and I am chuffed to bits that you brought out an album, im off to go and buy it now, well done mate, just brilliant.


Jamie, As wonderful the news tid-bits are I really wish to see you post videos of past engagements to promote your music. I would also suggest a pro-agent to manage these public posts for you ongoing as well as updates other than your personal ones. Your time is valuable. Now you have got the opportunity of a lifetime you need to use this wisely and focus on the music much more than charity or mountain climbing. They'll fit in no matter what yet remaining high profile for the public and sales of your records are going to take much more work and a longer time commitment - so delegate *


Jamie, The photos and videos are sparse. Could you add some more as well as a few personal ones from your past? The album shorts are too short and too few. Could you have a sample of each song on the album instead? Would you also have an update comment from you on a page so we can look into this week to week? You really need a pro-agent to promote you so your sales and listening audience are international and kept going *


Jamie, I was so glad to find you do have a Record out as well as appearances in public. Isn't it great what ordering pizza is now for you as the other guy comes to your door and you can afford to make a decent tip? As well all those long hours hauling heavy boxes out of the truck is finished. What a good retirement now you will have. With the legacy to leave behind that is bound to send the angels soaring above your loved ones. Wishing you all the best for the future. Just offer your nerves up to your Mother Mary and go to several Open Masses for the Sick at Catholic Churches as it's free, works and open to anybody.

Linda Turner

Hi Jamie, I glad you auditioned. You have a wonderful voice. I hope you will make many cds. Looking forward to buying them and listening to them.

Linda Turner

Hi Jamie, I loved your audition. I hope you make many cds. I will buy them all.


I have always wanted you to succeed having seen your audition on BGT, and would keep searching to see if you had been able to overcome the nerves. I am glad to see that you have found your way. God bless champ..from Australia


Agree with Charlie: Excellent Music Jamie, hope you go far, good website too. Additional. I'm in Puerto Rico. IS 5:54 and you make my morning!!! God bless you!!!!


I am writing all the way from Colombia (south America) just to send you all my best thoughts and wishes, I think you are way more than just a brilliant singer, you seem like a wonderful person and I can only hope you go far with your dream. Here's with all my support and hoping to see you soon live! :)


jam i seen you the other day in the dog&muff i couldnt believe you was in there to be honest butt all of the boys were like its you and i was saying theres no chance and it was ive watched all your videos youve got talent dont waste it butt, take care mate from a felllow rhondda boy.


Hi Jamie, well BGT is here again and I SO MISS YOU. Your audition is my all time favourite. Please please please audition again. Get courage and do it. You have the talent and deserve to be a star. I'm waiting!!

Evelyn Sahno

Hi Jamie, It's April already and Spring is in it's glory here in Connecticut, US. I was hoping that you had put out a new album by now. I hope that your career is going well for you. You have such a beautiful gift in your singing. I wish you the best as always. your CT fan, Evelyn Sahno,US


I live in the USA. I did not see your 2009 audition until today 4/19/20013. Sorry a bit behind the times. I was blown away!! You are a fantastic singer. I have never enjoyed that song as much as I did when you sang it. I am very much surprised you only have one album (which I ordered today). I hope there will be more. Please don't let a beautiful voice like that go to waste. A BIG fan from across the sea, Richard


i saw your eyes in britains got talent, i never forget your eyes, i saw a man with a mountain of pains. i was cried at that moment but your heart improved your pain as a motor. you engineered your voice. you are my favorite singer today and i am with you man. im with you in many thousand kilometers. you are my voice too. you are the voice of HOPE and VICTORY


you are the best! I think that you are as good singer as a man. Congratulations from Portugal P.S.Sorry for my short English hehehehe


I heard you for the first time last night ! I hope your career is steady and taking off as you imagined it would! You sing beautifully! xxx

John G

Jamie - Watching you on your audition, you looked incredibly nervious, but once you began to sing, I was blown away by the God given you poses. You have been blessed with a beautiful talent. I look forward to seeing your albums here in the States.


Jamie, I'm sitting in my study listening to your album, your voice is just so beautiful. I still watch your BGT audition on YouTube sometimes too and, every time, it takes my breath away. Am looking forward to the next album, I hope it's going well. Very best wishes to you and your family.


Jamie, I just knew your fantastic voice. Congratulations because you found your way finally, please take care of this gift and don't waste it, ..."Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people."- Tecumseh


Just came across you on filling in a Sunday afternoon. Jamie, you made me cry and your voice is unbelievable! Follow the dream and really hope your future is filled with music - you must share it with the world.


I just watched your you tube video. . . It brought tears to my eyes. You have a beautiful voice! I can't believe you were hiding it from us all this time. I wish you all the best!

Rob Barron

Jamie, you are truly inspirational. Your voice is beautifully controlled and toned and you come across as a very genuine and likeable guy. If you ever do a concert here in Dorset, let me know. My wife and I will be first in the queue to buy tickets :o)


You are brilliant!!! Good luck to you from Iran :)

Alice Keiller

Jamie, just discovered you and congrats!!!!!!!!!! you have a lovely voice and I am so happy that you were able to make the switch and finally do what you really wanted to do, sing as a way of life. Regards from Buenos Aires -Alice


Hi Jamie, I have just learned about you from youtube. Your voice is beautiful. I am going to buy your album from (US)today.^_^. I hope for the best for you and your family. God bless.


You are an inspiration. I just saw Les Mes (film) but your rendition is better. I wish you all the success in the world as you deserve. Good luck Gail

Jimmy B

Jamie you are an inspiration to us all. I've worked in television for over 20 years and your audition on BGT never fails to bring a tear to my eye. Keep singing!!!


I still remember watching "that" audition on BGT after Sue sang "I dreamed a dream". Now that Les Mis on film I watched your audition again. Pleased to hear you found your musical niche and all is going well for you. David


Jamie I'm so glad you conquered your stage fright. It was an amazing experience to listen to your fantastic rendition of a very moving song. It brought tears to my eyes I hope you continue with your career I send my good wishes to you and your family and hope that you have a peaceful and prosperous 2013.


OMG i was looking at Susan Doyle and I saw your audition and I was taken back by your performance...I really wish you and your family the best, dont get lost along the way remember to stay truth to yourself, and I hope to see you in Miami Florida one day. Best of luck you have a great voice. Barbara (cuban from Miami)


Well Jamie, here it is, December 21, shortest day, longest night, and I just NEEDED to watch your audition again. I needed to hear that opening line of trust and comfort. Thanks for being you. peace to you and great joy.


Hi Jamie, I'm living in Spain, and I think you are the reason for many People find the dreams.... I agree find you and good luck in your life.... Best regards... Leo

Perry DiBenedetto

Jamie, Just saw your first performance on Youtube. Amazing! Just had to look you up. Your voice took my wife's and my breath away. God Bless. Just bought your songs.....


I'm in the States so couldn't watch the televised shows, but caught your audition on youtube and fell in love with your voice. I was looking at the video today (Dec. 14, 2012) because I like the pitch you used. I thought I'd check out how you were doing, and found your website (which I like a lot). I'm very happy to see you've been able to continue your music--I was hoping you would. My best to you as you work on your second (!!! yeay!) album. Happy holidays as well.

Evelyn Sahno

Hi Jamie, I just read your most recent post. I am anxiously waiting for the next album to be out. I'll be among the first to buy a copy. Best wishes to you for a very Blessed Christmas and Happy, healthy New Year. As ever, Evelyn Sahno CT USA


You have an extraordinarily beautiful voice. I have never forgotten seeing you sing 'Bring Him Home' on BGT and would love to hear you sing live some day. I don't think Simon Cowell is sensitive enough to appreciate a voice like yours.


I happened across your video on Brittains Got Talent which I know is a bit late. I just wanted to say WOW you have got an amazing voice. Your song Bring Him Home, hits home for me. I have a son in AK,USA far far from me. He was my first son, and is now lost in a world of drugs and deceit. I pray everyday for him to come home. Praise to you for the gift you have and thank you for sharing it with the world...

Eric Moore

Mr. Pugh, Hello sir I must tell you how I happened to see and hear your wonder voice. I was just looking at the new your tube items for, well Susan Boyle. I then saw your name there on the screen and happened to click on your video. I saw the first time you went on Briton's got Talent. I am unable to see that I live in the USA. I have to tell you that I amazed at the quality of your voice. I just saw a handful of songs on Apple iTunes and, well wished there were more. I am not THAT much a male vocal fan but you are the exception here. I hope wish and (demand?) that you record more tracks and make more albums. Until next time Take care, A NEw fan Eric


Jamie, Fear is not of God, let it go and watch what can happen. Give it to the Savior. I love your singing talent! Never give up and never give in! make more video, sing for everyone and everything.

Lara Pugh

Hey Jamie! I don't know if you ever read these but I was looking through random X Factor Youtube videos and clicked on yours mostly due the novelty of us sharing a last name. After watching a couple videos, I have to say I was very impressed by your ability to overcome your fear and let your voice be heard. I do a bit of singing myself, and it is one of the things that gives me any sense of purpose. I am glad to know you are still singing. I hope you never give it up.

Fabio Roccia

Ciao Jamie! i have to say that i have never heard about you..since today ! Thanks to Youtube I saw your performace for the first time tonight: great voice, you made me cry :) All the best ! Ciao bello from Rome, Italy :)

Mark simkiss

Hi Jamie I am from Bridgend well some has to be lol !! , but i am in Afghanistan at the moment working . Are you going to do any gigs in wales soon ?? will be back after xmas so will keep a look out . Keep singing !!! JUST BOUGHT THE LP CHEERS MARK


There was only and I mean only one problem with your second auditioN -- it simply was not your song! Your Voice is beyond exquisite - it's so beautiful and any musician MUST know that a person with your sensitive nature has such ability to not only sing beautifully,but to make people FEEL EVERY word - every word. Your especial talent reminds me of Sammy Davis performing Bojangles. You both make your audiences feel alive - you can make us cry, smile, both bring out all emotions. I hope and pray those so-called professionals (the judges)whose responses should have simply been "that is just not your song Jamie" - don't EVER give up - this gift that God gave you should never be wasted - never - God! Jamie! PLEASE tell me that you are still performing! And WHERE! Warm wishes from a beaUtiful singer who also suffers from stage fright. What confuses me is that singers with FAR less talent than you and I "get up" and sing - with only ONE "talent--" confidence. We should form a "club" for people like us - group therapy may be all we need. Warm wishes. Janet

Kerrie Barney

Jamie..... Tonight was the first time I've had the privilege of hearing you sing as I watched your X Factor audition. Your humility in that audition is so admirable. I hope that is a quality you never lose. God has given you a gift.. thanks for sharing it. Kerrie

john hughes

Greetings JAMIE keep up the good work you deserve every success hope to catch you live in 2013


What a great voice. I hope your career is more than you could ever dream of. Going to buy the album now. Truly remarkable voice.

S M Sylvester

What a fabulous voice Jamie. Just watched your videos for the first time. Wish you success and a wonderful life singing. Best wishes from India. God bless.


Incredible voice. Makes me cry. Wishing you the best.


Hello Jamie, I just saw the video "Britain Got Talent" You are an amazing singer, I wanted to write to wish you the very best your career will offer you. With tears in my eyes, I listened to an amazing performance. The YouTube video was a touching story of one making his dream come true. I hope you will continue to sing and I am sure people will continue to enjoy your talent throughout the world. Glad you made it. Warmest wishes to you

Giov Gemperli

I so hope you pursue your dream... You make people so happy when they listen to your voice. I couldnt believe my eyes when Amanda buzzed at you. The song was not great, but your voice WAS and IS breath taking, she was too small to appreciate this. All the best from the bottom of my heart. GG, Oct2012

Evelyn Sahno

Hi Jamie, I haven't written for a while.I think of you often and hope that all is going well with you. I hope also that you will have a new album out soon. I often play your first album and love it just as much. Best wishes to you and your family. Fondly, Evelyn from CT,USA

S. Liu

You are so humble and an amazing singer. I will always be your fan. Take care!

Cosmic Maya

Hi Jamie, I was so happy to discover that you made an album. When you start to sing, my heart goes on. Thank you that you found the strength for this album. Bahia Brazil

Joe Owen

"Blessed are the Meek, for they shall inherit the Earth"...Jamie, reach for the stars my friend, you deserve it and May God Always Keep You In the Palm of His Hand". Best wishes to you...

René Schohn

I just show your performance at Britain's Got Talent 2009. And the next thing i did was to buy your album. Good luck! From Strasbourg,France. René


You are so humble, so dear, and so very blessed. Do take care!


Hi Jamie, I just discovered you. You have an amazing voice. And please don´t mind the press or people who call you a liar ot whatever. This is just how media works, they do whatever they like with people, All the best to you!

mr bear



I as many others found your talent while wasting hours on youtube. The sound of your voice proved my hours were not wasted. I was moved so deeply, I had the same rush as going to the theatre in my teens and seeing phantom of the opera. I hope to see you perform in my lifetime if I am so lucky. You have many fans worldwide and I look forward to seeing you grow as an artist. -Brittany Fort Campbell, Kentucky, USA


Hello Jamie. I just discovered you and your 2009 performance on Britains Got Talent....actually on You Tube subsequent to watching the original S. Boyle appearance. I think you are a great singer and glad to see that you have an album released. I find it special and personal to read of your loss....your wife to brain I cared for and lost my wife to Glioblastoma Multiforme..brain cancer...diagnosed in April 2009 and passed April 2010. It's a wretched cancer....I cared for my wife at home through her passing. She was a young 56. I applaud you for the effort to get a brain cancer charity up and running. I can't climb mountains....but know that you and I have already climbed the biggest...being at our spouses side always attending always with love for them. No one understands what we as surviving spouses had to endure and surmount in seeing these ladies fade... Best of luck and God Bless, Neil of Annville, Pennsylvania, USA


I just found out about you from watching your YouTube performance "Bring Him Home" from 2009, and you are just utterly magnificent. I hope you do incredibly well, and I plan to purchase your album for my birthday, because *wow*.

Tim Williams

Jamie, I just discovered your audition performance on BGT. I was moved to tears. You have a voice that reflects the deep generosity of your soul. God bless you, and thank you for sharing your voice with us!


Bring Him Home is about a man singing to god. I didn't actually think I would hear his voice as well. Inspirational! The anxiety may never disappear but each time you conquer it, you are stronger. Spoken by someone who knows firsthand.

Alexandra Barrett

With all my heart I thank you and I shared your link on my twitter @alexabarrett and on my facebook here in the USA. Thank you so much for giving us the kind of music that brings God into our hearts. Bless you and your family. You do have fans who appreciate the gift of your voice. All the best, Alexandra


I love your voice and your heart and the way you sing with such transparency of emotion. Genuine. Stunning. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.


let me tell you where I am Jamie I have a great song for you e mail me


Me encanta , me gustaria tanto verlo en persona en un concierto , uyy canta divino !!!!! buenisima suerte y mucha vida!!!


You're a super singer!!!Continue please!We want to see more and more videos!!!! You're super,don't forget that :). ok? God bless you :)


Jamie, WELL DONE If it takes this much to tell you that! I reckon you already know :) Shame on the rabble that causes this screening that - I cannot always decipher these things, but will have a go anyway lol (laugh out loud) hop0e this gets through Want to hear your voice many many times again please tell me album release, can find nothing on internet God bless you my friend PS If you don't want millions of friends, you would have to stop singing - that is NOT good for this world, go do it and enjoy

taffy williams

hi jamie i am an ex pat from maesteg so proud of all you have done if you ever come out to the land of oz i'm sure the welsh contingent would welcome you, you have done yoursef and your oops our country proud wishing you every success for the future cant wait for your xmas album all the best jamie.


Jamie, you're blessed with a beautiful voice! You beat your fear! Good for you! People like you deserve the best!

Kenny Cartwright

Jamie, I just watched your performance tree times in a row of Youtube, adn am very glad to see it looks as if you are being successful. I am a factory worker, unsure if what my dreams are- it gives me hope to see you realize yours. Best of luck to you from Texas, U.S.A.!! kenny cartwright


PS - it's great that you're humble, but don't go overboard - acknowledge your talent!


Hi, I just have yo say I couldn't agree less with Simon and Amanda at the semi finals, especially Simon who said if you didn't get over your nerves now you never would. He has it backwards - it's experience you needed, confidence in front of thousands of people can only be attained by time. The best people to watch on BGT are the ones who are clearly lovely people, and not full of themselves, and who also have huge talent. You are one of those people, and I wish you the best of luck. Say goodbye to the pizzas :)


You inspired me greatly - a music lover (me I mean, you as well is taken for granted lol) - first thing I wanted to do was book to see Les Miserables for my beautiful man - then the expense seemed to stand in the way (BUT ONLY FOR NOW I HOPE LOL) - have found a substitute however, he is in love with spitfires and thinks there are only two still working in the country, surprise for him then when (for a LOT less than going to London for Les Miserables most unfortunately) am gonna book him on a flight in one of them. I doubt you drive taxis or deliver pizzas any more. Born for the stage you are sir. Bless you and for goodness sake, when I CAN afford Les Miserables for myself and my lovely partner and mum and his mum and dad, be singing in it sir I beg you. God bless you Jamie and keep you and your loved ones well. Clare x x x


Hi Jamie, Came across your Britain's Got Talent video. The audition you performed. It was amazing absolutely amazing. Good Luck to you from the USA. Peace, kevin

Margo-Missouri USA

Hello, Jamie Pugh! I just saw today for the first time your appearance on BGT 2009. I've never seen Les Miserables in its entirety, but gifted vocalists such as you and Susan Boyle, make me yearn to do so. You have a beautiful voice. As I watched your facial expressions, I was touched by your genuine humbleness. Thank you for taking that huge opportunity to share your God-given talent with the world. I shall look for your album. My heart was captured and inspired. Blessings to you and the woman that you love. Keep that love alive even as you endeavor to expand your influence through public appearances. Remember who was there for you when no one else knew you existed. And always give your very best. Blessings!

Tom McManus

Jamie, well done. Well done.

Randy Diplock

Jamie, I'm not sure if you fully understand the breadth of what you've done. So let me try and do that. Here I am on my couch in beautiful downtown Toronto. Just killing time, looking on YouTube. Not sure how I arrived at your initial performance on BGT but there I was. I'm still drying my eyes. But it's not about your voice, though I think it's great. It's about what you overcame. I have tremendous anxiety about being in front of other people. I'm a writer/director and have to take medication before most meetings. But this isn't about me. It's about what you overcame and about humility. Being in Canada, I'm sick and tired of seeing all the arrogant bullshit, mostly from the States. People thinking they're God's gift to whatever. You're proof you can deliver pizza, be humble and have infinite qualities to offer. I'm so glad I found you and your video. I wish you all the best down the road. Thanks, Jamie. Randy


Jaime, feeling a bit down and came upon your site via utube, you are inspirational and have a voice that bring pure joy and purity to my soul. God Bless you, keep on going!

Evelyn from CT USA

Hi jamie, listening to your CD after a time has passed since my listen. I am still as enchanted by your voice as the first time on BGT. I can't wait to finally buy your next CD, and perhaps a Christmas as well. Blessings to you & your family. My very best wishes, Evelyn in CT USA

Carol Lovell

Hi, Jamie have just bought your album GREAT love it, can't wait for the next one.Keep up the good work you bring a wealth of pleasure to a lot of people and those that don't care for it are tone deaf.Hope your life is good now!lol xx


Hi There Jamie.... You bring peace to my soul with your wonderful sound.... I have tried to buy your album in Alberta, Canada where I live-- no luck though... dissapointing.... I need your sound in my home at all times... You have one of the most desired sounds I have ever heard in my life...and that is saying something because I being a senior have heard all the rest of them by now... (I have just lost a son to a cancerous brain tumor; so you have my sympathy because of your own similar experience with your dear wife) Further, Jamie take no notice at all of your negative critics; they must be tone deaf. I just love your choice of songs/music/lyrics-- Have a great day Jamie.. And good luck with your singing career!!!!!


Hi Jamie, Thank you for your nice songs! I have watched your audition on BGT for many times. I am living far from UK but dreaming to listen to your in person one day! Wish you bring up more and more nice songs! Best wishes.


Hi Jamie, Nice to see you are doing so well. I have watched your audition on BGT so many times and each time I cry, your voice touches the soul. Would love you to perform in Aberdeen Scotland in the near future. Would love to see you perform live. Take care.

Olen Sumrall

Just saw BGT audition Your voice is amazing, God gave you a very special talent. Thank you for sharing it with the World. Hope you the Very Best, Olen in Mississippi


You are an inspiration to do many people, thankyou for sharing it with us ....... You are brilliant.


Hello Jamie,I read the oughful experience you suffered at the hands of people who have little or no understanding of languages instances. I hope you got over that. These people deserve no further attention. Go on singing. your voice is so beautiful and so are you.I have recorded your singing on my mobile and plan to listen to you on my travels and at home.meantime I go on to the show asd enjoy your voice there. Please please do not give up! Gaia


Hi. I just watched your BGT audition from about three years ago on YouTube, As I don't watch television I'm a tad behind... Anyway, I just want to say that you are a Beautiful Inspiration! On behalf of many - I thank you! I wish for you and your family much peace, love, good health and abundance in all positive forms. Many Blessings, Michelle in PA, USA

don sandridge

Please, please hang in there. You are incredible. I love your singing as much as i do Andrea Bocelli's, my all time favorite. I can't find enough of your music to purchase so I can enjoy your incredible voice. More more more. Best of luck

Martin James

Greeting from Sydney Australia! Really love your first album, particularly your interpretation of Danny Boy and I vow to thee my country. Really inspirational! Hope you will continue to record more music, and not fade from the spotlight!

Sher Laurence

I just this day, the first of April 2012 stumbled on to the talent show from 2009 on youtube and have bought your cd online. I can't believe there are not more recent albums to buy. Your voice has touched my soul and I hope you will share your incredible talent with the world again soon.


Hi Jamie- When are you going to grace us in Ireland with your beautiful voice - Your are a joy to listen to - Continued success good health and loads of laughter Regards and thank you

Terry & Joanna

Just wanted to let you know that you are still an inspiration to us even if it is some years since we first saw you perform, hope you continue to touch people xxx


Wow! You are just absolutely a breath of fresh air. I'm so thrilled for you and your family. I know they are so proud of you. I am too. :) God has truly blessed you with that voice. You are amazing!! Plus, I love your humbleness and gentleness. You are a kind and decent man. Many blessings to you. I'm very excited about getting your cds. God, give this man extra blessings, please.


Oh Jamie what can I say you have the most astounding voice. I am so glad that I found you on God Vine. I don't know how many times I have listen to it. Then I found you had a CD now I am listening to it over and over. I do hope you go far in your new found career in something you so enjoy. God Bless


Are you considering a tour in the US? Would love to see you perform!! Your voice is like heaven.


mr. jamie i want to say i too suffer from severe shyness. probably worse than you do... i wish i had a beautiful voice like you. you are a true talent. never give up. i will try not too either. i am from Norfolk, VA USA. my mom is from Birmingham England and my late grandmother was from Conwy Wales. thanks again.

ann lewis

keep going were great on BGT! tame your nerves as im sure thousands of people would love to see and hear you on tv are a unique person. love and good wishes to you and yours. x


Oops, incredible


What an invertible story and VOICE! WOW! Your singing brought this great-grandma to tears. God continue to bless you and the ones you love. Thank you.


Jamie, I bought your album not so long ago as my mum had suggested it to me, and bring him home was my bananas favourite song, and your version of it brought tears to my eyes. God Bless x Holly


PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER CD! Loving your voice from across the pond. Terese, Oregon, USA

D Torney

Jamie, thank you for blessing our world with your voice! I am an undiscovered fine artist and have painted and made sculptures since my youth. Now I am dying from the neurological disease, ALS. For years I've cherished the song, "Bring Him Home". Your rendition of this piece will be featured along with other hand-picked songs in the memorial video of my life for my memorial service. I thank you again for the awesome consequence of you following your dream.

Sabrina Carabott

Im so glad you made it..!!! you have a stunning voice ... i can relate to you alot coz i get nerve attacks onstage too. i wanted to support you and bought your cd just now. Just be that same man you were in that audition.. u looked so kind and humble and people will love you.. im your new fan from Malta... keep going always xxxxxxxx

Evelyn from CT USA

Hi Jamie, Happy New Year !!Your newest blog sounds exciting and very interesting. As always I will continue to follow the blogs. I extend best wishes for a wonderful 2012 to you and your family. Evelyn


Hi Jamie, just want to wish you all the best for 2012,. Love your voice. Sue. xxx

Evelyn from CT USA

Hi Jamie, Just read your latest blog and delighted that you will be releasing a new album in June. I will be sure to buy it on Amazon as I did the first one. Sorry you were down with the flu...bummer. Well you sound very upbeat and doing well since Britian's got Talent. Thank goodness for the internet. Best wishes. Sincerely, Evelyn 12/16/11 Happy Holidays.


just outstanding , i just cant find the words to explain how your singing feel's when i listen to you. im hoping you tour soon so i can book to see you. outstanding, all the best to you

Evelyn from CT USA

12/3/11 Hi Jamie, I just went onto your web site and disovered your Blog. Delighted to read it and see your upcoming gigs. Best wishes for a Happy Holiday season to you & your family. Evelyn S. from CT, U.S.a.

Yvonne Ravnic Bridge

You are incredible!! I just saw via you tube xfactor with friends 2009 and where was I?! That was soooo moving..Your life struggles were over...Your realization of your dream, it showed in humble disbelief, you were holding back tears of OMG I THINK I MADE IT!! LOVED YOUR PERFORMANCE!! Touched my heart and soul!! Cheers to you and your newfound success and life...Blessings for continued success..Cheers, Sincerely, Yvonne


Sorry ment album,,,,,,


Hey jamie bought your s Bum yesterday,mans I LOVE IT!!! WERE ARE YOU PERFORMING NEXT SND WHEN I WANT TO SEEE YOUUUUUU!!!


Hi Jamie. In Llandrindod Wells last week on holiday, I saw your CD and bought it, of course. I was so sad to see that you had been performing and I had missed you. Loved your performance on BGT and have never forgotten you. Glad to see you are not letting the nerves get the better of you. You have such an amazing talent. I hope you will do a show somewhere in the Midlands so I can see you and thank you in person for the pleasure that your voice brings to me. Always believe.

peter cole

thanks for responding to my posting on facebook from sept 2009 last friday it's great to hear from you ... all the best to you my welsh grandmother was from carmarthenshire and she sang all the time ... hello from vancouver canada... hope you come this way some time... good on you for having the courage to sing in front of all of those people...kukwstum'c here is the re-posting of my original facebook posting bore da the beauty and awe you brought to the faces and body language of the judges is the mark of a great artist!! diolch yn fawr cymry


Jamie, you are truly a amazing talent. Your voice is incredible I can't stop watching your video. I hope that one day you will do a tour of Canada. Good luck in everything you do

nathan and louise

Saw you in Blackpool last week while on holiday, we thought you were amazing. So glad you got over your nerves so that people could hear you sing again. You have an amazing voice and such a lovely guy to go with it, take care .


Hello :)

Mark Howard

A delete meeting you in Blackpool at the weekend and even more of a pleasure to hear you sing. Stay in contact and talk with you again soon

Anne Marie

So touched that you are publicising Autism in Wales and UK, i was so pleased to learn that you have continued your singing career and hope you achieve all your dreams, you do truly have the potential to touch so many lives .

Evelyn Sahno

Dear Jamie, I received your CD last week and have played it several times. It's superb and really showcases your wonderful voice. I hope that your fear of live performing has left you and that you have had much success appearing on the tour. Please put some of your performances on UTube so that fans in the US can see them. Continued best wishes in your quest to sing. Your voice is a true gift. Evelyn CT USA


I hope you keep growing as an artist and fulfil your potential, you have an amazing gift so please keep sharing, you have many fans here in Canada xx

sarah price

hi jamie, fab website best of luck with everything you do, you deserve it mate xx

Evelyn Sahno

Hi Jamie, Loved you on Britian's Got Talent which we did not see until 2011. I love the new website, with video & pics. I have purchased your CD and expect to get it by 6/28/11. Best wishes from CT,USA


Love the site Jamie! its very well done indeed, very professional. Wishing you all the best with the CD and your singing future! x

Sue Van Steen

Hi Jamie, love the website and hope to see you soon xxxxxxx


Hi Jamie, You have a lovely voice and I'm so proud of you to move ahead with your web site, CD, and tour!! My family and I have been enjoying your beautiful music :) and wish you the best!

Maggie Vaughan

Wishing you every success. Super website. God bless. Good luck. x


Hi Jamie.. Nice looking for the new picture:) This is Khalid from Australia wish all the best for you Do You want to com visit us in Australia? If you don't want to come .. We want :) Best regards


Hi Jamie, I was so delighted to discover that you were bringing out an album- I was really so moved by your performances on BGT. but I have been unable to find your CD in the shops here in Dublin. It needs to be "out there" more. I wish you every possible success in your career.


Glad to see in the end it was worth all the hours of shouting lol Good Luck Boyo x

wendy jones

you already know that i think your album is brilliant,with all my heart i wish you all the luck in the world, and look forward to the next album and hope you go on to bigger and better things x x


stunning album jamie, so glad you never gave up.Good luck with all you do xx


Excellent Music Jamie, hope you go far, good website too ;)