Jamie first came to the attention of the public in May 2009 when he took part in Britains Got Talent reaching the final 40, those that saw it will not easily forget his stunning rendition of "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables.

Well now he's back, it may have been 2 years in the making but his stunning debut album is here, aptly titled "Bring Him Home" is out now.

"That's why we come to Wales every year, to find special special talent and I think we may have just found one, you've just got to start believeing in yourself" - Simon Cowell

"That was amazing" - Amanda Holden

"You come on one of the biggest talent shows in the world and do a performance like that, that was incredible" - Piers Morgan

"Wow, amazing, teary now" - Demi Moore

"Stunningly talented" - The Daily Mirror